Wind Eye*

summer lake melted the pain , come autumn anger flared up in
titian reds and rolled gold, the stream trickled softness, by winter
loss had frozen solid pearl, snowdrops fell
so gracefully, delicate comfort silently cushioning the blow,
it’s safe now
whisper the trees, we sit at our window, watching the snow,
a powdery gust spirits you away- sliding down the slope towards the lake
trainers half on, artic pup diving headfirst, arms and legs propelling a host of snow angels,
my mother eye tracks you hungrily until you disappear from frame,
off-piste now, your tentative foot taps the ice
in my mind’s eye the lake cracks,
splits a seam swallowing you up, siren
child sinking in the lake’s subterranean embrace
you scramble up the slippery bank, barefeet running
numb mirrored in the glassy sheet, standing
before me in close up, soaked from icy crown to
pale-white toe, wide glacial eyes frozen in baptism
my giant heart swaddles you in soft blankets
we sit half-shocked, half-dumb,
staring out at the frozen lake-
Jesus walked on water- I wanted to feel it
what are you? ice-rink, mirror, God’s eye-
we sit on as the sky blazes deep red, captivated captors
staying safe-nature’s fools sent to their room
our ever-watchful wind eyes held open-witch window, coffin window, lazy window
the lake stares back; shape-shifter, colour changer, child-catcher
holy Baptist crowned in scarlet

*Literally translated, a window is a wind-eye according to Old Norse. It stems from vindauga, where vind means wind and auga is eye.

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