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2020 Girl Chaffinch Press

2019 Afeto extracts in Canadian Press fleasonthedog    

2018 The Ekphrastic Review Hot Heat Jazz

2018  the light ekphrastic  Nossa Dance and Roots of Love

2016  Flamenco– a poetry collection Lulu Press


Reviews of Afeto – an Ekphrastic collection

WHY WE LIKE IT: Poetry editor Hezekiah writes…

If you despise poetry, as I do, you just have to buck up and read THIS. It is unlikely you will experience anything quite like it. Frankly, Straw-Cinar’s poetry is too good for a rag like FLEAS and a ham-fisted panhandling PhD editor. I am in love with her words…. The imagery has universality and its theme might be something native to us all. Just start it and dare yourself not to be transfixed by the end.

Hot heat Jazz in Afeto

 This has got to be the most erudite piece of rap I have ever not listened to. I would like to think it has been set to music because it transcends poetry. Somewhere Leonard Cohen is heartbroken lamenting not having written it. Omit it at your peril.

Poetry Editor Fleasonthedog


Energy sizzles in these lyrical pieces that pulsate to the rhythm of Lito Silva’s poweful images. A unique debut in which every mark on the page and every sound matters.Maria Straw- Cinar’s distinctive voice with its insistent cadences and powerful reflections on slavery,music,Motherhood and loss is breath-taking.

Jan Fortune,writer and editor Cinnamon Press



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