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“Mythic, magical and poetic”

“Voluptuous, sinuous, the passion of it is head-on”


Mannis Poor is Girl- amnesiac, revelator, mute. 

On her transformative  pilgrimage to the desert she begins to recall what led her to kill. Determined to take back control from those who robbed her of power, she reaps revenge on her attackers, creating a warped fairy-tale world in which she becomes the vigilante Queen. 
Girl takes the reader through sensory landscapes, fragments of memories and vivid flashbacks of transgressions and transformations. 
Celtic mythology, alchemy and poetry collide in this tale of lost innocence and a girl’s struggle for freedom from  the male gaze, violent desires and bloody colonialism.


Mythic, magical and poetic, Girl takes us on an extraordinary journey through loss and
transformation. At once an oneiric coming of age novel and an exploration of the violence of sexism and colonialism, Girl is an intense and unique read.

Jan Fortune (Author and editor Cinnamon Press)

I think this is an amazing piece of work. The language is voluptuous, sinuous, rich in colour and delicious play of and on words…an astonishing virtuoso symphonic stream. The passion of it is head-on and the pain and sensuality in startling measure and degree. I revelled.

Graeme Fife (Writer)

A coming of age, well crafted poetic masterpiece: Maria Straw-Cinar a talented contemporary novelist captures your heart from the first sentence to the last. We are all in this together – We shall all come through this together and this pain, at the loss of innocence too, will pass.Wrapped and interwoven with finely spun gossamer words of beauty -Widely culturally referenced –
A seminal feminist work of Art.We wait with bated breath for the next instalment on this amazing Woman’s “Road to Damascus”.

Rosie Wall
Founder Women of our Time,Director of Creative Women UK