Flamenco-a collection £3.50 Lulu Press




That Kiss

The day the bombs came

You telephoned

Shall we meet up?

I picked you up

Born again Christian

Waiting in Golders Green

We felt our way

Through the labyrinth of Little Venice

Neither of us knew the way

You bought the wine

And there was a Fireman’s party

Raging upstairs

The sirens scared me

but your presence reassured

We talked of Christ and Istanbul

I could see scars on your palms

Later we danced together

Moving tentatively 

Twisted and tied

And at the bar

I saw myself in the reflection

Literal eyes shining

Stone-like with young antiquity

Suddenly you pounced

Ripping out my heart

In one fell swoop

Your dark mane revealed

The crack of light

That burning ray of complicity

That  kiss

That night


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