3_forestPeople used to eat fish 

Now it’s omega 3

Sunshine became Vitamin D

Gluten the enemy 

For autoimmunity

Since my body turned on me

I’m a curly mood fish

Flipping backstrokes

Into the sea

If a clock can go both ways 

I can come through this haze 


6 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. Tick tock
    Goes the Body clock


    And salmon leap up against
    The flow

    Despite the odds
    They strive to beat

    They carry on regardless.


  2. Salmon

    There is pain
    Real pain
    In the leap

    Many fall
    By the wayside
    Forgotten in the deep

    Others are damaged beyond

    Yet an inner stillness can still Prevail

    For those who dare to persevere.

    I’m a fucking poet!


      1. There can be a point of
        No return

        When the fire-burn
        Of your soul
        Reaches breaking point,
        Overwhelms you

        In the pits of this Hell

        You strive to carry on living



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