O Mama Africa

Vôvô África 100 x 100cm Oil on canvas


Mama Africa

O Mama Africa, only you know the truth,

sing us life’s tune

as you caress sable skin,

hazelnut moons;

a world without sin

 O Mama Africa, squeeze the world

until all drops of hate

gently evaporate

And only love

Only love





2 thoughts on “O Mama Africa

  1. Mamma Mia.

    If the drops of hate

    Don’t evaporate

    Then I will eat myself

    Just like

    Pop Pop Pop



    1. Fragmentation
      Leaps out of my being, my senses
      And screws me down

      Pleading for resolution
      It keeps on leaping.
      Salmon is nice to eat.

      Searching for a modicum of sanity that I may never find.

      Against the pressures that seem to
      forever bind.

      And maybe
      Just maybe
      there is still a future & hope.

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