Roots of Love





Pushing down into forever
embedded in the soil’s soul
rooted in histories of love
We are made from clay
the earth creaks as your love shifts
planets collide to the sound of your kiss
where does it come from?


You give me edible glitter made of stars
awakening spasms of spangled dust
silver swarm fallout
(ashes) lain dormant for years
We are magnificent

Splayed and slopped in the dirt
we root our pleasure into perfect skin
and bones, set in stone
like two muddied gods
wrestling in the dark
bloodhounds of love
listening to the earth’s beating heart
We are magnificent

Searing of the roots
earthquakes shake us-
Mercury forces us back
erases the oceans,
ravages the forests
the mad moon is pulling
the roots from the trees

We were once magnificent


















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