Nossa Infancia
Skimming hoops, skidding stones, new bones frizz with glory pinging
round the china bowl days that glisten like glarneys,
voices hollowing out the sky, then home to motherlove, bedded and warm;
lying looking at the stars, diamond punched bliss, Mama’s tender kiss
wrapping up the night – mandarin sunbeams awaken sleepy bye eyes –
flutters of pencil-sharpenings curling, unfurling to flight;
a whisper of moths heading for light,

tongues not yet tied announce all they see, tulip lips, sharp and sweet
as lemony wine, taste symphonies planted deep down in memory;
new knees skinned – drops of blood splash sorrel sands like raspberry tarts

laughter stretches apricot sky, fills air with dew no adult can crush,
quash, quell – belly laughs spiral and swell rubious apple peels
helicoptering heavens, airborne howls and roars of joy bodyshaking
delights, vibrate and quake the earth’s erythraean core.

Oh! Cracked and spider-veined planet, rejoice in these tiny taps on
your stilton-bruised brain; head cut – scarred indelible, keep running,
into forever, unstoppable.


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