Tears of Life

Tears Of Life [15534]

Tears of Life


Crippled decaying dancer, oh rose thou art sick,

Peering through the smoke-glassed gloom,

A kidnapped beauty, fading, scarcely breathing,

Dewy-eyed, wildly craving slippery relief

To quench its flowery-showery thirst

A Pitter-patter of prayers for her lost soul,

Sheets of sylvan wanton water, let teardrops explode,

quench its parched leaf life-an ecstatic incantation.


Thorns- prickly, gleaming, fierce, decorate the other rose,

A bouquet of beautiful barbed wire, untouchable,

This glorious life-brimming rose of roses,

Swan-like neck curved coyly; nature’s mistress,

Born to serve her own reflection,

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest rose of all,

She,paralysed by her beauty in the filigree glass limelight.


Yet how can she thrive when her sister is dying,

Witness her torturous pain so tantalisingly close,

She lifts her crimson-petal head a little higher

Such hunger she sees, such dearth,

You are all bones, I am birth


No sister flower should forget the other,

No border control our hearts

Weep Rosie weep waterfalls of love

Splash warm pearl droplets from above,

Oceans of kindness, waves of tears,

Split open your body to calm all fears


Let champagne rain cascade upon her arid soul,

Bringing back her red-ruby rush glory,

Red as pomegranate seeds, as blood,

As rivers of mother love freeing a peace dove,

Tender petals blossom, staying alive,

When our red-rose hearts beat as one, we thrive.


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