London Fields


London heather


Post-apocalyptic or ghostly

the perennial Man and his Dog

etched into the foggybottom mist

mushroom bloom clouds

bloat over London Fields-

early morning rush

crack addicts, girls

with crooked teeth,

dirty headscarves

poor Muslims stuck

their Ways; black

girls angered

beyond Belief

quiet white folk

ashamed and scared

stare at the loss of London Fields

violent mobile talk

Told bitch I’m on the train

teenagers curse and swear

hijacking the Colonial stain

I’ll twist his neck and rip it off

Bitch makes me wanna turn Gay

the train worms,

lungs contract

insatiable hunger

plunders London’s Fields


These are the marshlands

from Cityrush powdered heel-

knifepoints to pierce your flesh

the East’s endless endeavour

of struggle, strangle and slump…


then Majestically

rising from the cold earth

purple heathers clash

like Kathy with her Heathcliff-

their ancient heads lash

branding a sensual Gash

deep and wide across

London Fields




London Fields

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